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PADMA Edushare is an event for us to provide education and sharing knowledge to our loyal customers on few current issues/ hot news in the area of financial industry in our beloved country, Indonesia.

Padma edushare"s workshop usually has hands on exercises integrated into it to supplement the information that is covered in the session(s). This workshops can involve multiple sessions spread over many days or weeks.

In our workshop, our lecturer may cover a topic of learning. Then to drive the point home, the organizer may group attendees together into small groups to participate in activities, role playing and other hands-on activities to apply what the attendees have learned during the lecture portion of the workshop.

This Workshops will be suitable for have smaller audiences, or are broken up into smaller groups, because of the hands-on activities that are a part of learning in the workshop experience.

Follow our latest agenda:

Padma Edushare 2017 PSAK 24